Things To Do In Seoul

Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center – Best Place To Visit In Seoul

Located in the heart of Seoul, Myeong-dong is a landmark of Seoul where 6.8 million tourists visit every year. To help those visiting Myeong-dong, Myeongdong Tourist Information Center opened on the first floor of the KEB Hana Bank (Main branch) Annex. The tourist information center offers various services related to Seoul tourism like tour guides, accommodations, performance reservations, events, commemorative photographs, dealing with tourism inconvenience and other services.

How To Go There:

Euljiro 1-ga Station (Seoul Subway Line 2) Exit 6.
Take the first left out of the exit, walk straight and the Tourist Information Center will be directly ahead.

Alternatively, from Euljiro 1-ga Station enter the Euljiro Underground Shopping Center and exit through the shopping center’s Exit 2. The Information Center will be directly ahead on the left (90m).