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This easy-to-use guide to guesthouse or hostel near Seoul will save you time and money. Good availability and great rates. Book online, pay at the hotel. No reservation costs.

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Coming to Seoul and try to book a hotel. Forget it, it’s too expensive. If you are budget travellers or backpackers, guesthouse,hostel and inn is the best choice for you to stay in Seoul. When it comes to accommodation, guesthouse in Seoul are the best options for stay. They not only provide comfort and relaxation during your stay, but also serve as the best base to explore the capital city.

Seoul guesthouse are made for all kinds of travelers. So, no matter what your budget is, you will find here an accommodation according to your requirement. This website intends to give you a brief on Seoul and the accommodation over there.

Where Do You Want To Stay?

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Hanok Guesthouse
Hanok Stay refers to staying in a traditional Korean house. It is a good opportunity to experience traditional Korean lifestyle and culture. The traditional houses available for hanok stays are decades to hundreds of years old. They have been somewhat renovated for the convenience and safety of its guests, but the traditional Korean style and sentiment are still retained.

All Seoul Guesthouse
No visit to South Korea is complete without visiting the city of Seoul. And for accommodation, not only is staying at a guesthouse the epitome of the Seoul experience, it is also very cheap.

Seoul Guesthouse Location
If you are a backpacker, independent traveller you might be considering your accommodation options for your next visit to Seoul. There are different types of accommodation and whether it is better to stay in a nearby subway station or not. My recommendation is to stay near subway station where you can usually find cheaper guesthouse but still enjoy the convenience of visiting popular Seoul attractions.


Things To Do In Seoul
Seoul is one of the best visited city in South Korea, yet boasts some of the most fascinating history and culture in the continent, as well as breath-taking scenery. Not forgetting the delightful Korean people, who are sure to befriend those that are travelling. Providing a wonderful contrast of old and new, Seoul has plenty to explore, and there are things that must not be missed while visiting the country. See also Guide

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Why You Should Stay At Guesthouse

These days, only a handful of people can afford a foreign trip and this trend may continue for several years to come. Even while people stay at home, they prefer traveling on a budget. This is exactly where guesthouses prove highly beneficial, since they’re pretty cheap or economical to stay in. Again, if you travel on business for a longer time-period, this form of accommodation is the best choice. Although hotels offer a range of benefits to its customers, renting a hotel room for a longer time-span proves unfavorable for your pockets.

With guesthouse accommodation, you’ll enjoy plenty of benefits, at an affordable price. Here are just a few of them.

Added Savings

Without a grain of doubt, this option is way more affordable of economical than 5-star hotels. You can enjoy the same beauty and comfort level, without paying anything extra. For example, if you need flat irons, hair dryers, or any other important item, you’ll get them in your room. Since these guesthouses usually run a restaurant or eatery, you can indulge in lip smacking dishes at any time during the day.

All-Purpose Rooms

Usually, guesthouses have all the basic things that you may need – a cozy bed, a dressing table and quick meal service (even at night). Most of these rooms have an attached bathroom, a microwave, crockery sets, a work table and a television.

Comfortable Surroundings

Even in highly furnished 5-star hotels, you miss the homely atmosphere – something that you need when you stay away from home. Here, you don’t get the warm and inviting feel that your house offers. On the other hand, when you put up in a rented housing apartment, you enjoy the warm and personalized mood, which you earnestly longed for. Since the construction is small and only a handful of guests put up in it, you get immediate services at the tap of a finger.

Access To Important Places

Generally, you find this type of accommodation at the heart of the city, facilitating you with easy access to renowned restaurants, tourist locales, and shopping malls. This way, you won’t spend anything extra on transportation to reach these places.